TV Placement in UK

I was contacted by a viewer of 5star Channel 5 in the UK telling me that they’re using my song “Dark Star” in their Wed night movie TV trailer and wanted to know how to digitally download my album.

I had my album included in PumpAudio’s music library and that’s how Channel 5 got a hold of my song.

I was super ecstatic to view this commercial and as a result noticed more iTunes Europe downloads and significant Spotify plays of “Dark Star”

Thanks to Channel 5 and to PumpAudio for supporting and sharing independent music!

I will share this cool trailer with you until the station asks me to take it down. 😉

Dark Star in TV Trailer in UK

As a result, I realized that it’s time to get with the times and offer digital downloads so I’ve set up a to sell my album for $5!!


Kites Karaoke Video

Jason Nou of Revelcade Productions created yet another video to one of my songs “Kites”. This is a karaoke video featuring plenty of action figures.

Here are words from Jason: “My idea was about how I grew up playing with action figures and how few Asian ones there were, so the video was all about the Asian action figures I found with commercials and “playing” with them visually on screen.”

Enjoy singing along!

“Silence” in Toyota’s 4th Annual DIY Music Video Contest

Jason Nou of Revelcade Entertainment directed a music video for my song “Silence” to enter in

Toyota’s 4th annual DIY music video contest! Please help us win the contest by:

  1. Going to San Francisco’s International Asian

    American Film Festival facebook page and clicking the like button at the top of their page

  2. Scroll down to find the video for Dune Tran’s “Silence”
  3. Click on “like” next to the video

We have until Feb 24th to get as many likes as possible! Thanks so much for your support!!!! You can view pictures and read about the making of the

video on

Music video for “Silence” by Fan

Music video for Silence by youtube member RadioConga76, a music enthusiast who promotes great underground music and shares with others by making music videos.


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