Java With Javelyn Indie Music, Vol. 4 CD Compilation

“Kites” is going to be included on Java With Javelyn Indie Music, Vol. 4 CD Compilation set to be released in Feb 2011.

Java With Javelyn Indie Music
Volume 4
1.   This Time – TEAK (APRA) (2:47) /
2.   America” – Mike Musick (ASCAP) (4:13) /
3.   Crazy Dayz – Javelyn feat. Mr. Wax (BMI) (3:53) /
4.   Fall Winds – Dan Vaillancourt (ASCAP) (3:35) /
5.   Even Heroes Fall – Taylor Begert (3:28) /
6.   Forever – Mousefrog (BMI) (3:28)  
7.   Just a Bad Memory – Nick Dastardly (ASCAP) (3:08) /
8.   Baptized  – SWITCHMEN (ASCAP) (3:58) /
9.   Jug of Wine – Black Cadence (4:11) /
10.  He Digs Me – Sunday Wilde (ASCAP) (2:41) / 
11.  Rebel War in Africa – No Hay Banda (ASCAP) SACM (2:23) /
12.  Night Owl – Willie Ames (4:12) / 
13.  Sunrise in New Orleans – Larry Wimmer (ASCAP) (3:33) / 
14.  Kites – Dune Tran (ASCAP) (3:12) /
15.  When Somebody Cares – Javelyn (BMI) (2:42) /

Conga Records Collaboration

The project is the collaboration of many Italian and international artists and the album and ‘in 2011.

A musical journey into the future of man and our planet, HipHop, Dub Step, Drum’n Bass, Electronica and Dark meet in a unique record.

I sang and wrote my parts on the songs “Future will be Dark” and “Gaia”. Check it out!

Next Big Thing’s Wonderful Ones of 2009 podcast and blog

Hey, I’m happy to report that I was included in the Wonderful Ones of 2009 on NBT’s blogs and podcast.

I sang a little Christmas Waltz using my handy little Olympus Digital Voice Recorder.
Here’s a link to it. I wish I had more time to work on something better but I still think it’s cute and deserves a listen. I heard this song on KOIT’s Christmas Station and loved it so I chose it for this podcast.

Find the podcast at

Direct download: 21st_dec09_NBT.mp3

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