Next Big Thing’s Wonderful Ones of 2009 podcast and blog

Hey, I’m happy to report that I was included in the Wonderful Ones of 2009 on NBT’s blogs and podcast.

I sang a little Christmas Waltz using my handy little Olympus Digital Voice Recorder.
Here’s a link to it. I wish I had more time to work on something better but I still think it’s cute and deserves a listen. I heard this song on KOIT’s Christmas Station and loved it so I chose it for this podcast.

Find the podcast at

Direct download: 21st_dec09_NBT.mp3

Find links to all the official websites on the NBT Blog

The NBT wonderful ones 2009 – part 1

The NBT wonderful ones 2009 – part 2

catch the NBT visual page with pics of all the stars

Featured in The Daily News newspaper of the Bay Area

Paul Freeman from The Daily News of the Bay Area interviewed me and wrote an article on me featured in the Arts and Entertainment section of the 12/10/2009 edition. You can read it online at

Thanks so much to Paul and The Daily News!

This is my first time being featured in a newspaper! I’m so excited to share this with you!! Click on the images below to view the pdf files.

It came out just in time before my final show of the year at the Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View, CA 8pm. All tips and cd sales will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank and The Family Giving Tree.

First time on a Top 30 chart at CIUT in Toronto, Canada

For the first time, my album “Heart Anchors” got reported in a chart at a radio station! It made it onto the Top 30 chart of CIUT Radio in Toronto, Canada for a couple weeks reaching it’s peak at number 9. I am so incredibly thrilled that they’re playing my music on their station with enough spins to put me on their top 30 chart. It’s quite exciting for me.

According to the music director, my music has been getting plenty of spins on the monday makeout session. Especially my song “‘Kites” monday makeout session

Wildy’s World

“Tran sings with raw emotion and a sweet voice with just a bit of an edge”
“Tran proves herself to be an apt painter of human emotion in song, laying out the emotional landscape of a relationship in musical forms you can understand.”
“Elements of Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan can be heard here, but Tran sinks into an original voice that is between those two and yet not of either one.”
– Wildy Haskell

The NBT Review on Heart Anchors

Read Martin Smit’s beautiful poetic review of “Heart Anchors” on his music review blog at The NBT Review 36 posted on July 7, 2009.
He also included my music in the July 10, 2009 nextbigthing podcast, wrote a poem and posted a visual manipulation of a Dune Tran Photo! Hear Silence and Safety Nets in this episode!