Kites Karaoke Video

Jason Nou of Revelcade Productions created yet another video to one of my songs “Kites”. This is a karaoke video featuring plenty of action figures.

Here are words from Jason: “My idea was about how I grew up playing with action figures and how few Asian ones there were, so the video was all about the Asian action figures I found with commercials and “playing” with them visually on screen.”

Enjoy singing along!

“Silence” in Toyota’s 4th Annual DIY Music Video Contest

Jason Nou of Revelcade Entertainment directed a music video for my song “Silence” to enter in

Toyota’s 4th annual DIY music video contest! Please help us win the contest by:

  1. Going to San Francisco’s International Asian

    American Film Festival facebook page and clicking the like button at the top of their page

  2. Scroll down to find the video for Dune Tran’s “Silence”
  3. Click on “like” next to the video

We have until Feb 24th to get as many likes as possible! Thanks so much for your support!!!! You can view pictures and read about the making of the

video on

Java With Javelyn Indie Music, Vol. 4 CD Compilation

“Kites” is going to be included on Java With Javelyn Indie Music, Vol. 4 CD Compilation set to be released in Feb 2011.

Java With Javelyn Indie Music
Volume 4
1.   This Time – TEAK (APRA) (2:47) /
2.   America” – Mike Musick (ASCAP) (4:13) /
3.   Crazy Dayz – Javelyn feat. Mr. Wax (BMI) (3:53) /
4.   Fall Winds – Dan Vaillancourt (ASCAP) (3:35) /
5.   Even Heroes Fall – Taylor Begert (3:28) /
6.   Forever – Mousefrog (BMI) (3:28)  
7.   Just a Bad Memory – Nick Dastardly (ASCAP) (3:08) /
8.   Baptized  – SWITCHMEN (ASCAP) (3:58) /
9.   Jug of Wine – Black Cadence (4:11) /
10.  He Digs Me – Sunday Wilde (ASCAP) (2:41) / 
11.  Rebel War in Africa – No Hay Banda (ASCAP) SACM (2:23) /
12.  Night Owl – Willie Ames (4:12) / 
13.  Sunrise in New Orleans – Larry Wimmer (ASCAP) (3:33) / 
14.  Kites – Dune Tran (ASCAP) (3:12) /
15.  When Somebody Cares – Javelyn (BMI) (2:42) /

Conga Records Collaboration

The project is the collaboration of many Italian and international artists and the album and ‘in 2011.

A musical journey into the future of man and our planet, HipHop, Dub Step, Drum’n Bass, Electronica and Dark meet in a unique record.

I sang and wrote my parts on the songs “Future will be Dark” and “Gaia”. Check it out!

Heart Anchors on the Radio

My debut album “Heart Anchors” got added on rotation to over 100 college and community stations in North America. The album came in at #12 Most Added on CMJ. View a pdf of the report here. On top of that, the album made it onto 15 Top 30 charts! Thanks to all the program/music directors and DJs for your support in getting my music out there!

Music video for “Silence” by Fan

Music video for Silence by youtube member RadioConga76, a music enthusiast who promotes great underground music and shares with others by making music videos.


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