It’s nice to know that my music is still being “discovered”. Thanks to Tunetraveller for reaching out and writing this lovely review on my favorite song on my Heart Anchors album, “Silence”. No wonder it’s the first track on my album AND I have a music video for it thanks to Revelcade entertainment. 🙂 Glad others find something to enjoy about it as well.

If your musical tastes run to beautiful, melodic pop (and, let’s face it, whose doesn’t?), then Dune Tran’s “Silence” may be just the ticket. But wait…it also has some bite as it picks up the tempo half-way through until reaching a crescendo before reverting to the opening theme at the coda. Slow, fast, slow again. Play, listen, repeat, download. “Silence” isn’t the kind of song you can listen to casually. It engages you, makes you sit up and take notice and sounds new and discoverable, even with repeated listenings. And don’t skip the video…the cinematography is stunning. Heart Anchors is Ms. Tran’s only release to date and we’ve waited long enough to hear what she can do with her sophomore effort. Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)