I was contacted by a viewer of 5star Channel 5 in the UK telling me that they’re using my song “Dark Star” in their Wed night movie TV trailer and wanted to know how to digitally download my album.

I had my album included in PumpAudio’s music library and that’s how Channel 5 got a hold of my song.

I was super ecstatic to view this commercial and as a result noticed more iTunes Europe downloads and significant Spotify plays of “Dark Star”

Thanks to Channel 5 and to PumpAudio for supporting and sharing independent music!

I will share this cool trailer with you until the station asks me to take it down. 😉

Dark Star in TV Trailer in UK

As a result, I realized that it’s time to get with the times and offer digital downloads so I’ve set up a dunetran.bandcamp.com to sell my album for $5!!